3.0.10 – Where have we gone!?

A few moments ago NetDeck 3.0.10 was rolled out, and with it the much requested site support for hearthbase.com and some tweaks and fixes to already supported sites. This brings NetDeck’s supported site count to twenty-seven, including eight foreign sites. NetDeck’s translation features were also updated to include League of Explorers (certain foreign sites, while working, had ignored LoE cards). Most of these fixes and additions are done without an extension update (through hotfixes), and rarely do we push out a full extension update.

Keep voting for unsupported sites if you’d like to see them added to the supported list – this is how the updates are determined!

So, what’s been going on with NetDeck? Well… at first glance, just about nothing – right?? No new articles have been put out in months, and we’ve all been busy with real life stuff. However, there is a huge project that’s going to be launched by NetDeck in a few months, known as Deck.GG. What exactly it is remains a secret for now, but there is a proper announcement in the works. Invites will be sent out for private testing to existing NetDeck users at random, and later on all current and future NetDeck users will have private beta access to the site. Don’t worry, we’ve been busy working on something far bigger than the current scope of the extension.

Before the launch of Deck.GG, however, NetDeck will see a decently sized feature update when version 3.1 rolls out next month. The Interaction Compendium and Find-a-Friend Tool will be more closely integrated with the extension itself instead of simply being a link to the page’s website, and we will be transitioning away from writing in favor of fast-paced list style posts of carefully curated competitive decks. The idea behind netdeck isn’t going anywhere – we’ll have the latest and greatest competitive and cutting-edge decks for you to view – but with less yapping and far more frequency and consistency.

We haven’t forgotten about our loyal users.

Stay tuned, it’s going to be BIG.

Remember, if you find a bug or have any sort of feedback whatsoever, please tell us! Improvements cannot be made unless we know what our users want. There are plenty of awesome things in store in the coming weeks, but your input is always appreciated!

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