3.0.9 Update and New Writers!

A few moments ago NetDeck 3.0.9 was rolled out, and with it the much requested site support for playhs.es and some tweaks and fixes to already supported sites. This brings NetDeck’s supported site count to twenty-six, including eight foreign sites. NetDeck’s translation features were also updated to fix a couple of issues with certain cards. Most of these fixes and additions are done without an extension update (through hotfixes), and rarely do we push out a full extension update.

Keep voting for unsupported sites if you’d like to see them added to the supported list – this is how the updates are determined!

Behind the scenes, we’ve got two new writers on board, bringing us to a total of three. One is completely new to the team and has not published an article yet, and the other has been slaving away for months now, but we’ve kept them anonymous. Soon our writers will have their own small section on the site to introduce themselves. We plan to ramp up articles to be more frequent – hopefully up to three per week, depending on how many fresh decks pop up.

We’ve also removed the ads we had on the site (this actually happened a few weeks ago), as they weren’t even covering enough of the server cost to justify the annoyances they brought. They probably aren’t coming back.

Remember, if you find a bug or have any sort of feedback whatsoever, please tell us! Improvements cannot be made unless we know what our users want. There are plenty of awesome things in store in the coming weeks, but your input is always appreciated!

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