Aviana Ramp Druid

Combo Druid has been shining lately. Many players piloted Combo Druid to Rank 1 Legend and while that is an accomplishment for the archetype, we want to focus on interesting alternatives to the usual competitive decks. So on the other hand, we have the struggling Ramp Druid. Aviana is an obvious Ramp Druid card and some players haven’t forgotten her. Player superjj102 has piloted this Ramp Druid deck to rank 4 legend and now we are presenting his obviously successful revival of the good old Taunt machine.

First of all, we have the ramp options, which have been boosted hard with the inclusion of Darnassus Aspirant. We are also running double Nourish just to ramp it up even further on top of the ability to draw. And secondly, the deck plays like the classic Ramp Druid, with big taunts, overwhelming ramp but on top of that we have a huge tempo play available with Aviana shenanigans.

And that’s it. There aren’t otherwise many interesting features in the deck and that is maybe the reason why it is successful – it does not try too hard to differ, it is just good old Ramp Druid with strong new cards included. Will that be enough for it to stick to ladder permanently? We shall see in the upcoming months.

Deck Details

  • Season 18

  • Rank 4 Legend

  • Control

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