Beast Druid

Has the time really come? Are there finally enough beasts for Druids the be one with their inner furry selves instead of only molesting trees? It seems so.  Reddit user The_FunkMasterJ has reached legend with his Beast Druid, which just might very well be the first documented Beast Druid legend. This means that Blizzard was successful in forcing a separate flavor to Druid into viability. Let’s look at this monstrosity, shall we?

windwalker golden

The core of the deck is Midrange Druid with quite a few replacements to accomodate the Beast tribe. Wild Growths have been dropped for stronger early game, Azure Drakes and Sludge Belchers have been dropped for stronger tempo plays in form of Druid of the Fang, Shade of Naxxramas for Jungle Panther, Piloted Shredders for the synergistic Wildwalker and Savage Combatant. This means that the deck plays similarly to Midrange but with more focus on tempo plays, curving out with minions and heavier board in general. For example a turn 3 Jungle Panther buffed by Wildwalker trades positively with almost everything that could be potentially be thrown on the board on turn 4. At the same time, the deck has 3 Big Game Hunter targets, which is quite strong in a deck that can end a game often by turn 10. In general the deck is flexible and can play both defensively and offensively through it’s big creatures, something that Druids love to do.

Beast Druid is no longer a joke and now we have a proof. So go ahead and try it!

Deck Details

  • Season 18

  • Legend

  • Midrange

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