Eggro Druid

Before the addition of a new expansion to the game, there was an expected drop in deckbuilding. The player Rhadan has however reached legend with an unusual aggro Druid and he keeps improving it after 24th. It forgoes the usual stale cards like Ancient of Lore, Wild Growth, Innervate and tech cards like Big Game Hunter. Instead it focuses on overwhelming board presence through sticky minions and eggs like Dragon Egg and Nerubian Egg and in general a very consistent decklist and mana curve. Lategame you have some very strong options and the always-feared Savage Roar finisher.

dragon egg golden

Probably the main problem of this deck used to be it’s card draw, or lack of thereof, coupled with the low curve. Your only draw source is 2x Cult Master, which can be lacking. The deck doesn’t even run Wrath, because you should be able to trade down most threats. However, since Druid players often find themselves topdecking because of emptying their hands through Innervate and the deck doesn’t play this card, you can pull off this lack of draw. Do not forget this is an aggro deck through and through, but it focuses on keeping it’s board control. TGT has added some interesting options in this way. The deck tops off it’s curve by the unsurprisingly ever-present Dr. Boom. If you lack one of the more expensive cards, Loatheb and Cenarius are good replacements. This makes the decklist quite cheap considering this is Druid we are talking about.

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