FREE Galaxy Gifts Cardback and 3 Packs!

It’s been a few hours since Blizzard officially launched the Galaxy Gifts card back, and people are already itching to get it. The first way is, of course, to go out and get yourself a Galaxy S6. But maybe you’re not made out of money – and you know an electronics store or cell phone shop near you with one on display. You can run out and go install Hearthstone on the demo phones there. For the more technically inclined, if you have any Android phone, you can root it and spoof your model into the S6, and this is what most are doing right now. However, if you’re interested in finding out how to get it within fifteen minutes without moving from your computer chair or owning any phone, read on.


Plenty of emulators exist for a couple of platforms that will let you easily run it as if it was any Android device. For this, we’re going to use Genymotion. Follow along below to get your cardback within minutes. You’re going to need a decent computer and a decent internet connection. If you don’t have these, you can still do it – but it might take a little longer. This requires no rooting, no external downloads, and no crazy hunts!

  1. Download Genymotion, an Android Emulator. (Download requires account login, you can create an account or try one of these)
  2. Run the Genymotion installer. This can take a bit while it downloads the needed files, so be patient.
  3. Run Genymotion, add a new virtual device as it prompts you to.
  4. Login using your account or one of the bugmenot accounts to display all the devices you can create.
  5. Select “Samsung Galaxy S5 – 4.4.4 – API 19 1080×1920” from the available virtual devices. Hit next, hit next again. Finish. Launch the newly created virtual device.
  6. Go to Settings -> Security and then enable “Unknown sources”.
  7. On the search widget at the top of your home screen, search for “Amazon Appstore”. Click on “Amazon Appstore: Getting Started”to get to the download page. Download it.
  8. Pull down your notification frame, click on the downloaded AmazonApps-release.apk. Click next, click install, click open. Login with your Amazon account.
  9. In the search bar at the top type in Hearthstone. Download it by clicking on Free and then Get App. Once it finishes downloading, your device will ask if you want to install it, say yes. Do not launch the game when it is done downloading!
  10. Go to your apps and open up File Manager. Click the menu button of your emulator (or press ctrl+m) to open the menu. Hit the Settings button at the bottom left. Click on “General Settings”. Look for “Access Mode” and set this to “Root Access mode”. Select“Remember choice forever” and then click “Allow”.
  11. Once again open the menu, this time click on “System folder”. Inside of this look for a file named “build.prop” which should be at the bottom. Click on this and open it with “Editor”.
  12. Find the line “ro.product.brand=generic”. Change generic to samsung.
  13. Insert a new line after the previous line and type in (with no quotes) “ro.product.model=SM-G920F”.
  14. Save the file by using the save icon in the top right of the app.
  15. Close the emulator by hitting the X button. Launch it again and then go to your app screen and start up Hearthstone. Login with your account to get your card back. Don’t forget to login to each region which you want the card back in.
  16. Bonus: If you’ve never played a game of Hearthstone on Android before, you can get a free card pack by playing a single match within the emulator.

You’re done! That’s all! Enjoy your new Card back and (3) free packs!

7/18/15: Clearer instructions courtesy of HearthPwn. Thanks for the link!

Common Errors

This app isn’t compatible with your phone.

If you are getting “This app isn’t compatible with your phone” errors, try to follow this guide to installing the ARM Translation pack!

Unable to start the virtual device. / Hearthstone cannot run on this device as it does not meet the minimum specifications.

This is slightly tricky to fix. You need to reboot and go into your computer BIOS and enable Virtualization Technology, then start Windows and Genymotion but do not launch the virtual device yet. You need to open the device settings from within Genymotion’s main window (NOT the Android settings after launching the phone). Set the number of CPUs to 2, and set the memory to 4,000 (3,000 or 2,000 if you don’t have enough RAM). Then launch the device again.

Nothing happens when I launch Hearthstone!

Step 6 mistakenly had ro.product.device=SM-G920F written earlier. The correct line is ro.product.model=SM-G920F. It has been corrected above. Thank you for helping find the error! If you have ro.product.device, simply changing .device to .model, then saving and restarting the virtual device should fix it and get you your card back!

Cannot login to Genymotion or create an account.

Their servers might be overloaded! We’ve given them a ton of traffic and they’re currently scaling to handle it. Nothing to do but try again later.

You can try using one of these existing accounts instead.

Hearthstone isn’t showing up in the App Store!

If you’ve previously downloaded Hearthstone through the Amazon App Store, it will be sitting in the “My Apps” page of the app (click the icon at the top left to show the menu) instead of in the search. You should be alerted of this by the store when you try to browse to the app.

Otherwise, your location may be blocked from downloading it. You can either spoof your location with another app, or download the APK on your desktop and drag it into the emulator.

I don’t see my collection when I launch Hearthstone.

You’re in the wrong region. You’ll have to log out and select your region at the top-right when logging back in.

65 replies
    • says:

      I’ve updated the article with more precise instructions and images. The application is actually called “File Manager”. Sorry for the confusion!

  1. vash1223
    vash1223 says:

    When I try to install the Amazon app, it gives me the error saying that the device isn’t supported. Any ideas to fix that?

  2. Shroob
    Shroob says:

    I keep getting the “App is not compatible with your phone” error when I try to download the app store… :S

    • says:

      Just posted a link to a guide that may help with that. Haven’t tested it myself because I don’t get the error, but hopefully it might help out others.

      • Shroob
        Shroob says:

        Just wanna say thanks. 🙂 My packs had a duplicate epic and a Golden Epic. I’ve got over 500 dust just from the packs!

      • Martin
        Martin says:

        Hey, just wanted to say thanks too, got 2 epics, a legendary, and a golden rare from the three packs. Seriously, thanks! haha

  3. minimumrequirements
    minimumrequirements says:

    Any idea why I’m getting an error saying I don’t meet the minimum requirements to run hearthstone on this device?

  4. Grievance
    Grievance says:

    At step 3 I get:

    X App not installed.
    The app isn’t compatible with your phone.

    Despite having unknown sources enabled. Please help.

  5. Jas
    Jas says:


    Everything ok, but I can’t change the Battle net region when using the emulator. Do you have any suggestions for this?
    Many thanks!

    • Jas
      Jas says:

      Never mind, on second try the drop down menu was available. Sorry for not retrying in the first place. Got my pack. Many thanks!

  6. stuhnsie
    stuhnsie says:

    I logged in and played through the tutorial and it showed me no friends online (or offline),
    that I had 0 gold and dust and no card collections. I opened the packs and recieved the card back,
    but when I logged in from my iPad not a single card I pulled was there nor the card back. 🙁

  7. pitakos
    pitakos says:

    Genymotion site is down for a couple of hours for me. I found and downloaded genymotion from another site, but cant add a device without logging in (problem is cant sign up since site is down). Could someone share a spare account ? Thank you in advance

    • says:

      If their servers are down it won’t help – it has to contact the servers to verify anyway. Nothing to do but wait, sorry.

  8. Henrik
    Henrik says:

    Hey, This worked fine and all although i had one problem. I got it on my US account, when i only play on EU. Is there any way to get it on my EU account as well? I have no clue how to change from US to EU on the phone version.

  9. Siqi
    Siqi says:

    Hi, everything was fine but the download speed of the android app is really slow although my internet speed is higher than that. Are there any settings that I can tweak to make it faster?

  10. Deniska
    Deniska says:

    Dear Geokoder,
    Is it nessecary to download HS via Amazon, or can I just take apk and install it?
    Thanks in advance!

  11. Adi
    Adi says:

    Hello i accidentaly logged on a wrong region where i got the card back and packs but when i try to log on my region i dont get them.What Should i do?

  12. Alison Scott
    Alison Scott says:

    Thanks for a really well-explained guide. What’s more, it turns out that I can play Hearthstone in emulation on my Mac — it invariably crashes when I run it directly. So that’s a big, big win. Thanks!

  13. tonin0
    tonin0 says:

    It works, thanks. I want to share my experience:
    Installed ubuntu version, 64bits works a bit worst so went for 32 bit version
    Started the android VM and failed to install the amazon app (this app isn’t compatible with your phone). Followed the instructions on the common errors and worked.
    Then the heartstone app told me: you don’t meet the minimum requirements. Changed the number of cores to 2 and ram from 2048 to 3048.
    Finally all worked and i got my packs.
    Have fun, thanks again =)

  14. somebodyunknown
    somebodyunknown says:

    Works great. Glad someone knows how to stick it to the man with these stupid promotions so that everyone can get them. Took me about 1 hour in total to do. As I ran into the problem of needing to enable virtualization in my BIOS like some others.

  15. Torix
    Torix says:

    Hey man, I’d like to say thank you so much for putting out this guide. It was easy to follow, detailed, and your FAQ helped me get these awesome freebies. Thanks again, I really appreciate the work you’ve done. =]


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