Illuminator Paladin

In my experience, you can always expect a bit of different thinking from former MTG when it comes to deckbuilding. A surprising little twist here and there, and suddenly the deck is more stable, it’s slimmer, more consistent. Player JohnC has showcased his new Paladin he reached legend with and the main point standing out is the Illuminator.

We’re looking at the modern aggressive version of Midrange Secret Paladin, which packs Dr. Boom and Tirion Fordring on top of Mysterious Challenger. Good combined board presence, an absolutely disgusting curve and strong effects are what embodies Paladin right now. Illuminator helps filling out the three drop slot, something Paladin always lacked as a tempo play. Muster for Battle isn’t always viable or useful and suddenly you find yourself struggling if you only hero power. Illuminators are also a good lategame drop, they have a soft taunt and if you’ve ever played them, you know just how much healing they can do.
A more subtle addition we are also looking at is the secret choices. Redemption and Repentance 2x are a strong point of the deck especially against Patron Warrior and Dragon Priest, arhetypes secret Paladin struggles dealing with. In these matchups, do not play them randomly filling out your curve but instead try to play them at critical turns to deny strong plays from your opponent [such as turn 4 Twilight Guardian or turn 8 Grim Patron].
Overall this might be considered the final tweaking and polishing of the midrange secret Paladin and so far this seems a very strong ladder deck – because while straying aggressive and digging through the deck, it has the potential to survive prolonged fights.

Deck Details

  • Season 18

  • Legend

  • Midrange

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