Mech Hunter

With Warsong Commander biting the dust as of this coming week, decks both old and new are bursting at the seams due to not having to fear Patron Warrior any longer. I’ve personally taken to refining a Tempo Warlock deck, but today I’d like to talk about Clamos’ Top 500 Legend Mech Hunter deck! If there’s anything that seems to be a common trend of successful Mech decks, it’s that Fel Reaver is the backbone of it all.

Leaving Mechwarper unchecked means that this bad boy of an 8/8 will threaten pounding your face in as early as turn 4. This is in my opinion a far scarier take on the common thought of “If Savannah Highmane ever hits the face, you’ve won.” This deck’s early game starts out like any other aggro Hunter deck: Search for your 1-drops and Mad Scientist. Your mid game is now bolstered by the best 4-mana minion in the game Piloted Shredder.

What is very interesting to note about this deck is its win rate against the two most commonly speculated classes that are considered tier 1 post Commander nerf: Paladin and Priest. Having good matchups against Secret Paladin and Dragon Priest is certainly going to be a key characteristic of successful decks for the foreseeable future. Not to mention the solid matchup against Warlock (Zoo should start seeing a resurgence), Mage, and the mirror match.

However, you’ll find that Control Warrior will be a brick wall if you don’t manage to kill them before [Justicar Truehart] hits the board and they start gaining 4 armor per turn, after having to slug through the myriad of early removals such as Bash, Shield Slam, Execute, Fiery War Axe, and Death's Bite. Annoy-o-Tron will tend to be your saving grace in the early game here as Warrior does not have an efficient removal method for this while also being able to deal with any minions you have hiding behind it.

Druid will tend to be a toss-up, generally boiling down to who draws better. The minion composition of this deck heavily favors Swipe as you’ll generally have one large health minion backed up with Gnomes of the Clockwork or Leper variety, or Snakes, Dogs, or any necessary Ironbeak Owls, so, be keen on playing around that. Knowing the proper time to play Fel Reaver by keeping track of which removals they’ve used will be crucial to your success in this matchup, as you’ll generally not be able to apply enough pressure before Force of Nature and Savage Roar make quick work of your face.

All in all, during periods of time where people are wanting to experiment with new decks, Hunter is certainly the class to be for some quick and easy wins. This is an incredibly fun and unique spin on aggro Hunter, and I highly recommend trying it out!

Deck Details

  • Season 19

  • Legend

  • Aggro

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