Saraad Control Warrior

Kitkatz sure likes his control warrior. It’s been almost two years since he invented the deck archetype and he’s still sticking through with it. When you are immersed so deeply in a deck archetype, you gain such insight into it and experiment so much with it, it’s absolutely certain that whatever change you make, it will become trendsetting. Kitkatz does this with control warrior, MrYagut and Ryzen with Rogue, StrifeCro with Mage… If you netdeck from these players, you can be sure that you did not misstep. So let’s look at the latest version of Kitkatz’s Control Warrior.bash gif
First of all, the removal is not very standard. Kitkatz has opted for the revolutionary Slam instead of Cruel Taskmaster and Bash instead of Acolyte of Pain. This means more efficient removal, less draw, more armor and less hesitation with the second Death's Bite swing as you don’t have to wait for good Acolyte turns. The deck runs cycle cards for draw, so it’s important to be conservative or you end up with a conspicuously empty hand. You have the fortitude to withstand pressure, so remember to squeeze out as much value from your removals as you can, to get to your late game.

It’s legendary choices are less interesting, as they go in the direction of grindy, greedy play style that we can afford thanks to Justicar Trueheart. Honestly, the deck being named Saraad warrior is somewhat misleading because it’s main points standing out are the Slam and Bash. Nexus-Champion Saraad is good, but not too optimal. He can be changed for Harrison Jones or The Black Knight, or most other big tech cards.

At it’s heart, this is a classic control warrior deck, with the most interesting trendsetting choices being the lack of low mana minions. It seems that this will be the direction in which Control Warrior will be moving for a while, so try it out. The legendary choices are as usual not too important, as you can replace many of them with Adventure option if you lack them. The true core legendaries remain to be Grommash Hellscream, Alexstrasza, Sylvanas Windrunner and Dr. Boom, with the new core addition being Justicar Trueheart. More expensive than ever, this deck has become the pinnacle of viable pricey decks, so do not despair if you can’t play it exactly as is and do not be afraid to change the legendaries as per the ones available to you.

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