Secretkeeper Paladin

The Grand Tournament is now in full swing, and today we’re showing you one of the first crazy competitive innovations of the new meta – the Secretkeeper Paladin. Yes – Secretkeeper finally sees play in this deck that only runs three of the new cards. Paladin got an amazing new secret for its aggressive toolkit – Competitive Spirit. This deck takes advantage of the secret and abuses the now halfway-decent secrets collection Paladin has access to in this throwback to the Undertaker days, topping out at Top 20 Legend as piloted by Newton after going on a 17 win streak throughout the Legend ladder.


What can I say about this deck? It’s a fresh take on aggro Paladin, relying on six secrets to push tempo along with the standard subset of aggressiveness. Divine Favor and Blessing of Wisdom make an appearance – a draw engine for aggro decks recently popularized through other Paladin iterations. While Newton does not himself run Mysterious Challenger because he does not own a copy, he highly recommends running one over a single Quartermaster. All told, this is a fresh take on aggro Paladin that seems to favor the current meta, so give this deck a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Deck Details

  • Season 17

  • Top 20 Legend

  • Aggro

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